Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why There are So Few Yellow Dog Republicans

Have you ever noticed that there are "Yellow Dog Democrats" and "Blue Dog Democrats", but no Republican dogs of any kind?

It turns out that may not be a coincidence!

The article below is from today's edition of The New York Times:

It’s No Longer a Dog’s World
By Marc Santora

There is a tired line that if a politician wants a friend in Washington, he should get a dog.

That advice may need some rethinking, (especially for the dog), what with the bizarre stories that continue to surface about the Republican candidates and their troubled relations with the canine community.

First, it was discovered that Mitt Romney once strapped the family pooch, Seamus, on top of his car on a family trip, a scene that calls to mind Chevy Chase’s carelessness in the movie “Vacation.”

And then there was the revelation that Rudolph W. Giuliani’s wife, Judith, once worked for a company that killed puppies in the testing of medical equipment.

Now, Newsweek reports that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s son David, at 17, was kicked out of a Boy Scout camp in Hatfield, Ark. after allegations surfaced that he was involved in the hanging of a dog, killing it.

The magazine article raises questions about whether Mr. Huckabee improperly used his office to squash calls for a police investigation, which the candidate’s campaign disputed. Mr. Huckabee told Newsweek that “his son did not engage in ‘intentional torture.’ ”

“There was a dog that apparently had mange and was absolutely, I guess, emaciated,” he told the magazine. The article also quotes a campaign official as saying David Huckabee “regrets” what happened but points out that he later made Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout, eh? So that knot really held, huh?

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Anonymous said...

My dog has been lifting his leg on every Bush for years!