Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Those Clever Humane Societies!

The November 1937 issue of Popular Science featured this upbeat article about how the clever folks at the humane society in Washington, D.C. had managed to invent a kill room on wheels. Now those pesky dogs did not even have to go back to the shelter at all -- the dog catcher could just kill them on the way to the dump. And they talk about German engineering!

Increasing the speed and efficiency of dog killing is still a core part of the business plan of the American "humane movement. To read more, see >> Beyond the Blue Solution of Dog Shelter Death

Just before Christmas, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control and department Director Marcia Mayeda were sued by the No Kill Advocacy Center which alleges the LA animal shelter:

4Kills healthy and treatable animals before their state mandated holding period;
4Kills lost animals without making reasonable attempts to find the animal's owners;
4Fails to provide adequate veterinary care to impounded animals, and;
4Fails to provide adequate nutrition, shelter and exercise to animals.



Gina Spadafori said...

That picture and caption is downright bizarre. "The Animal Protective Association"? Heaven help the animal that falls (even today) under the protection of such entities.

gabboon said...

love the photo: "mommy, can we kill this doggy for Christmas? please, please, oh pretty please?????"