Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drought is Killing the Farmers

I worked on the yard all three days this weekend, and have a conference to attend next week, but then the digging season should start up as the heat is beginning to break (though still more days over 90 degrees than under).

I went out to the farms on Sunday just to look around a bit, and the soybeans and corn have been decimated by the drought. Some of the corn does not look like it's worth cutting for silage, while the beans are only about a foot high and very sparse. I imagine more than a few farmers will just plow under their crops.

The drought this year has been crippling; you can tell how bad by simply driving down the street and counting the number of drought-dead trees. I cut three or four small dead ones out of my own backyard this weekend. The chainsaw works fine -- the old blade not so much.

On the upside, the groundhogs look healthy -- I saw one standing up in the middle of a burnt-out patch of soy and he looked quite enormous. He's got two more weeks.

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