Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eight Random Facts

I have been tagged by John L. Trapp of the Birds, Etc. blog to play the Eight Random Facts meme. Thanks John!

Actually, I am not sure if this kind of stuff is really a "meme," but if folks want to call it that, who am I to argue?

The rules for Eight Random Facts are simple. Players are asked to post a blog entry that:

  • Explains the rules of the game;
  • Contains eight random facts about themselves, and;
  • Lists eight other bloggers who are tagged to write similar posts.

Finally, players should notify (by email or blogpost comment) each person that they have chosen to play the game, referring them to your post for further details.

So here goes: Eight facts that you probably don't know about me:

  1. I was born a Cesarean section in what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia and is now Harare, Zimbabwe. Due to the circumstances of my birth, my father gave me "Corrigan" as a middle name in honor of "Wrong Way Corrigan." I actually like this zinger quite a lot, as my life has had a theme and a plot right from the beginning.

  2. My parents are the most admirable people I know.

  3. I came of age after birth control but before AIDS, after marijuana but before crack. I regret nothing, but I will say that I did enough in the late 1970s, that I rediscovered the virtues of living close to my own moral code which (oddly enough) does not have much in common with the late 1970s.

  4. Over the course of my live, I have lived here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Now I have too much stuff to move, and suspect that true freedom can only come with very good insurance and a very big fire.

  5. My first jobs were at a hamburger place, a steak house, the midnight shift at a produce house, as a grass cutter at a cemetary, building concrete sailboats, and working as a framing carpenter and a trim carpenter. Now I push paper from the left side of my desk to the right, answer emails, and talk into the telephone when it rings. I am considered a productive member of society even though I produce nothing.

  6. I still have the beetle collection I assembled when I was age eight. Coleoptera, not John, Paul, George and Ringo.

  7. My kids are good looking. I am not bragging; they are adopted.

  8. When I bought my house I counted the two fireplaces and the hot tub in the greenhouse as being big deals. I have never used the fireplaces. I have sat in the hot tub twice. The glass greenhouse was a causal agent behind a 125-stitch wound in my son's left arm. Now I dream of living with my lovely bride in a house without a number, on a road without a name, on enough land to have a few chickens and a large vegetable garden just a few minutes from a nice coffee place in a small town. Every week I get an email notice listing old houses for sale across the country, and I wonder why I am still in the rat race that is Washington. And then I remember: I've got to eat in old age, same as everyone else.

    I will now pass the batton to eight other unfortunates lucky winners to do with this meme as they will:

    1. Reid Farmer at Querencia

    2. Stephen Bodio at Querencia

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    4. Rebecca O'Connor at Operation Desert Dove

    5. Gina Spadafori at Pet Connection

    6. Henry Chappell at Home Range

    7. Kevin C. Paulson at Huntinglife

    8. Christie Keith at Pet Connection

    Some of you may notice I tagged eight people with five emails. This is not cheating; this is "management." And if you have already been tagged before (yes, I read it), this is God's way to say write some more. He does work in mysterious ways.



Matt Mullenix said...

Great post!

Terrible imposition!

May the waste of a million groundhogs smear your sneakers.

Christie Keith said...

You got me. :)

Gina said...

Got me, too:

And here's something about both me and Christie: Our dads went to high school together. Mine was a Big Man on Campus; hers was a nerd.

Hers is now a retired venture capitalist. Mine is a former minor-league ballplayer who worries about money and is lucky he married my mom, who retired from teaching and so can support them both.

It's revenge of the nerds, circa 1950.