Friday, October 10, 2008

Pathetic Human of the Year Award

In an earlier post I detailed the fakery and nonsense behind National Geographic's Phony Wolf Man Stunt and asked the question that I would still like an answer to: What moron agreed to put this dreck on TV and make a laughing stock of the valuable National Geographic brand?

There is more to the story of Shaun Ellis, the star of National Geographic's "Man Among Wolves" series.

It seems Ellis has ditched his wife and four kids for the wolves. This is painted as a romantic story by the National Geographic producers -- he gave up ALL for the wolves -- but in fact it is the age-old story of a man who could not be bothered with his responsibilities while he feeds his ego and chases another skirt.

The "other skirt" in this case is a blonde teacher of austistic kids who has ditched her necessary job in order to play "cuddles in a caravan" (i.e. a mobile home). This is portrayed as great romance by The Sun a tabloid newspaper who titled their article on the situation: "I howl to my wolfman lover."

Think that is debasing enough? Nope. As they say on television: "wait, there's more."

The Sun concludes:

Shaun still spends a lot of time living the life of a wolf but he has lost his place in the group.

He has gone from being “alpha male” or top wolf to “omega” — the lowest ranking in the pack.

Helen says: “That means he is in charge of diffusing tensions between the wolves so he spends a lot of time lying on his back, showing his underside and whimpering.

Excellent! I knew he had it in him. Before it's all over, I bet his new girlfriend "assumes the position" as well.

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Anonymous said...

I finally got to see this program--I had mixed feelings about it. It was interesting, I thought, if somewhat over sensationalized and eccentric behaviour on the guy's part. He certainly WILL get a perspective(if only anecdotal) on wolf behaviour that no one else is likely too! But being "subordinate" in the hierarchy sounds like a prelude to disaster--wolves can survive a lot of physical abuse from the more dominant members just fine, but such normal social interactions are likely to be fatal for a human. I'm all for people doing what they want to do, though, so long as the animals are not abused and are taken good care of(which they seem to be in this zoo--and I'm SURE this has raised attendance and revenues in the zoo--everyone coming to see the crazy wolf guy!), and if the guy DOES get dismembered and devoured, the wolves are not killed--yea, not even verbally chastised for doing what comes perfectly natural!...L.B.