Thursday, March 23, 2006

Central Park Coyote - New York City

Hal the coyote is carted off for rest, recovery, vaccination and release.

A one-year old coyote was tranquilized and moved out of Central Park, New York City yesterday. This is the second Central Park coyote that I know of.

As before, the speculation is that the coyote came from Westchester, crossed down into the Bronx, and then crossed on to the island of Manhattan by way of the railroad bridge at Spuyten Duyvil — "the narrowest, safest crossing."

When the last Central Park coyote was captured in New York City, I happened to be staying at a hotel in the city. I remember the day well, as I was shaving, turned my head to see the TV and hear the story, and cut myself just before a presentation. This was in 1999. The coyote that was captured that day now resides in the Queens Zoo, and is named "Otis".

The most recent capture has been nicknamed "Hal," and he was captured shortly after taking a hungry look at a Westie being walked in the park. Hal will be vaccinated and then released back into the wilds of New York state, far from the city and traffic. God Speed.

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