Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When Your Locator Collar Goes Dead

If a dog goes to ground and the collar is dead, or electrical interference prevents the collar from working properly, you will have to locate by eye, ear and bar.

Exit holes should give you some idea of how the sette is constructed and where the den pipes might run. Use of a flashlight and stick may give you a little more information about turns.

To hear a baying dog underground without a locator collar, put your ear flat against the ground, or drive in the digging bar and put your ear flat against the bar. The sound of the dog barking will travel up through the bar.

Anything that will concentrate and amplify sound may help you pinpoint the location of the dog; for example, a drinking glass placed against the ground or the bar will cut down on ambient sound and focus sound coming up from the ground into your ear.

A useful tool to have in your car kit is a low-cost mechanic’s acoustic probe which can be held against the bar or even pushed into the ground directly (be careful not to bend it!).

By moving the bar or probe around, and driving it in deeper if required, you should be able to get a pretty good fix on your dog’s location before digging.

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