Saturday, May 14, 2005

The U.S. Hunting Economy

In 2001, 82 million U.S. residents, or about 39% of the population aged 16 and over participated in wildlife related recreation activities. According to a 2001 report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department, this is how forty per cent Americans like to spend their outdoor time:

  • 34 million fish (30%)
  • 13 million hunt (12%)
  • 66 million (58%) enjoy camping, wildlife watching and other related outdoor activities

These outdoor enthusiasts spent a total of $108 Billion dollars in pursuit of their wildlife related activities.

Of this amount, $21.6 billion was spent by hunters.

Thirteen million Americans hunted a total of 228 million days and took a total of 200 million hunting trips.

In 2001, 9 per cent of hunters were female - a sharp and significant rise from a decade ago. Last year, a substantial change took place in hunting by gender. The total number of licensed hunters fell by 2%, while the percentage of women hunters rose by 67% over the previous year. Women now represent about 15% of the hunting population.

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