Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fantasy on the Internet

The internet is the kind a place where 50-year old men impersonate 17-year old girls and where anyone with an email account can be sure they will receive a bit of spam promising them millions if they just send a $2,000 "transaction payment" to Nigeria.

The world of working terriers is not immune to flim-flam and fantasy. Some "fantasy diggers" are owners of AKC dogs that imagine their dogs were "bred to work" when in fact their terrier's ancestors have probably not seen the inside of a den pipe in more than 40 generations.

Some folks are simply confused and think they have working dogs because their pooch catches an occasional rat or mouse while out in the countryside.

Others are convinced they are experts by dint of being able to drop a name or two -- as if knowledge and experience were transferred to them in a phone conversation or a chance meeting over cocktails.

If you pay attention, you can generally figure out what is real and what is fantasy -- the trick is to be able to read the "tells."

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Kate said...

And then there are the folks who are so sure that they are the correct & only expert that they refuse to allow for the occasional person who *does* use AKC,show-bred dogs w/ sucess for years.;-)

Cliff said...

Like he says, "Where is your pictures?" I got some ocean front property in Arizona.

PBurns said...

Kate's got pictures -- a possum killed by her dogs on the carport next to the wood pile. Same picture now for quite a few years, LOL.