Monday, March 25, 2024

Long Wings on the Cliffs

I biked to the Peregrine Falcon nest today.

I’m never going to compete with the folks with $15,000 lenses, $4,000 camera bodies, and $2,000 tripods. I generally use no tripod, the camera is point and shoot, and everything I use, added together, was $600. But is the Nikon P900 good enough for me? It is.

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Viatecio said...

I am several technological epochs behind most people with my secondhand D90 purchased long after the whole line became obsolete, but it was an upgrade from my D80 and still manages to make my photography skills look rather good if I can put in the effort to work the angles, lighting and frame the subject in any dignifying manner.

Even as nice as some camera phones are anymore, I still prefer my old Canon Powershot handheld and, when things need to look REALLY nice, that old DSLR that's still in pristine working condition given its age. I've yet to be disappointed in the equipment--only my skills. The cameras only do exactly as I want them to do.

Your nature photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with your audience, especially those of us who still resist the allure of the book of Face where most content is found anymore.