Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The Battle Against Nature's Entropy

LEAVES ARE COMING DOWN LIKE A BLIZZARD NOW. I blew off the driveway (so I could find it!) and front lawn yesterday, with the leaves going back into the forest, but this morning they were both completely covered. It’s not wind blowing anything back — just big trees shedding more leaves.

I will let it go for a few more days, but I like to keep up, as otherwise I get to a point where I’m moving a mound of leaves 4 feet high and 16 feet across.

I have not yet broken out the tractor-pulled leaf vacuum and mulcher, and may not do so. I operate a bit different from the previous owner of this place who spent 26 years trying to grow a lawn under 120 foot oaks. Instead I put down a big expanse of landscape cloth to stop weeds, and put down 70+ cubic yards of wood chip mulch on top of that, which is now under a thick layer of leaves. Good Original Design (G.O.D.) tends to be the right idea — a bit like cutting with the grain, rather than against.

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