Thursday, May 11, 2023

Three New Pets in the House

Say HELLO to my LEETLE friends!!

My Eastern Hercules Beetle grubs arrived today.  I’m excited!  I got three (liberty dime for scale), and they have been transferred into a terrarium filled with crumbling oak substrate that will soon be “roofed over” with moss, and maybe a small bird skull and a wee plant for interest.

It takes about 18 months for the grubs to grow into adult beetles, which will then be released into my oak forest, where they are native.

My last foray into raising Hercules Beetles went flawlessly for 12 months, and then I was selling a house and stupidly moved the terrarium from the dining room into the greenhouse where a temperature spike cooked them. I was devastated. THAT will never happen again.

Please submit possible names.  Genders are not known.  Pronouns are “it” and “them”.  Adult picture stolen from the State of Maryland.


Blake said...

Name one Terri. said...

Grubby McGrubface
I still think they should have allowed the winner Boaty McBoatface to be christened, it won fair and square: