Monday, November 22, 2021

Coffee and Provocation

What Managers Can Learn from Dogs
From the paper, "Dogs in Organizations": “Dogs are mostly ignored by organization theory despite the existence of a rich literature on human–animal studies that helps theoretical extension in the direction of organization studies.”  Full paper here (PDF).

Osama Bin Laden, the Elephant
The Wikipedia page for Osama Bin Laden has an alternative redirect (For the elephant, see Osama bin Laden (elephant)) to a page about a rogue bull elephant in Assam, northern India, who killed 27 people, including 14 in the six months prior to his death in 2006.

Kafka on Dogs
“All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog. If one could but realize this knowledge, if one could but bring it into the light of day, if we dogs would but own that we know infinitely more than we admit to ourselves”. (Franz Kafka, Investigations of a Dog, 1922)

Sharks in the Thames 
The first biological "health check" of the River Thames in 64 years has discovered three species of  sharks inhabiting the UK's most renowned river. Tope, starry smoothhound, and spurdog sharks were among the 100-plus species discovered by the Zoological Society of London's "Greater Thames Shark Project. Scientists declared areas of the Thames "biologically dead" in 1957 due to high levels of pollution, but the study noted there has been a significant improvement since then.
Trump Bankrupting America
Trump's estate tax giveaway to the rich triggered a 50% drop in IRS revenue from estate taxes - from $20 billion to just over $9 billion last year. American billionaires, meanwhile, doubled their collective net worth to more than $5 trillion in just over five years.

Name on the Tin
A coffin ship was any of the ships that carried Irish immigrants escaping the Great Irish Famine and Highlanders displaced by the Highland Clearances.

Breeders Will Kill Us All
A Russian woman with obvious mental illness has welcomed 21 surrogate babies in just over a year with her millionaire husband - and insists she's still a 'hands-on mother' despite spending £67,700 every 12 months on 16 nannies.

China''s Version of Starbucks Was a Fraud
Luckin Coffee, once hailed as China’s homegrown rival to Starbucks, has declared bankruptcy after having been caught cooking its books to show a greater profit and growth curve (an investor and stock fraud). 

Rewilding England?
Britain ranked 189th out of 218 countries in the 2016 “State of Nature” report for the quality of its biodiversity and its natural condition.  Now a new movement has its eyes set on turning 20 percent of the land "back to nature" -- a project that will be difficult to achieve on an island gut-shot with too many people and which now imports half its food.

A Mammoth Trip
A 28-year old mammoth's 17,000 year-old tusk was analyzed and scientists conclude that over the course of its life it traveled so far it could have circled the globe -- twice.

Canaries in the Coal Mine
Europe has 247 million fewer house sparrows than in 1980 and other bird species that were once ubiquitous have experienced great declines. In less than four decades, one in every six birds in Europe has vanished.

LSD Blotter Art Collection
The Institute of Illegal Images is a collection of LSD blotter art from back in the day.

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