Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bike Ride from Williamsport MD to Pawpaw, WV

Biked from Williamsport, Maryland to Pawpaw, West Virginia and back with my brother, David, and his partner. Stephanie. We were mostly on the C&O Canal (56 miles each way), but we did a chunk on the parallel Western Maryland Bike Trail. I've biked some of this before (Williamsport to Fort Frederick), but discovered "Little Pool," the sister to Big Pool, as well as excellent river access at Four Locks -- great places to explore on the new kayaks once I get them together.  Excellent dinner prepared by Stephanie -- Pad Thai with peanuts, snow peas, carrots and other veggies, and tofu. Smart cooking and a meal I would do again! 

The trip was uneventful (if long for me and my psoriatic arthritis) save for about three hours of rain on the first day that cut visibility (due to my glasses) and flooded the trail to a depth of 1-4 inches. In addition, my oversized 29" front tire (2.3 inches wide) got a flat about 9 miles from our final destination, and my spare tire was fitted with a Shrader valve rather than a Presta, and the valve would not go through the rim. Doh! David and Stephanie biked the last stretch to the car and picked me up. I did learn from them that AAA will pick you up for free (for the first x miles) for a bicycle flat tire. Who knew?

Wildlife:  About half a dozen deer, a red fox, fox squirrels, gray squirrels two blue herons, a green heron, rabbits, and several kinds of turtles (cooters, sliders, red-ears, painted, and a spotted turtle)

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