Monday, March 11, 2019

Meanwhile, On the Internet

ME: The Catholic Church has a pernicious pedophilia problem related to sexism and the rules governing priest recruitment. Pedophilia in the priesthood is due to a defective theology that is very resistant to change, and the hierarchy protects both the theory and the practice. It’s a broken culture that ignores this stuff.

INTERNET: I’m Catholic, and I am offended. You are a horrible person. What religion are you?

INTERNET: Are you calling me a pedophile?

INTERNET: Are you calling all Catholics pedophiles?

INTERNET: I’m a pedophile, but I’m not a priest. Your argument fails.

INTERNET: Why are you sex-shaming pedophiles? They are who they are; they didn’t ask to be pedophiles. It’s either a genetic thing, or else it’s childhood stuff. Either way, they can’t help it.

INTERNET: Why are you attacking priests? I’m a priest and I’m not a pedophile.

INTERNET: Let he who has not done something perverted cast the first stone.

INTERNET: Do you even go to church? If you did you would know most priests aren’t pedophiles.

INTERNET: I don’t see how this has anything to do with the church or how they select priests.

INTERNET: Imagine that you get called by God and take a vow of poverty to become a priest, and then someone suggests that the priesthood has a pedophilia problem. It’s outrageous.

INTERNET: When I was a choir boy I was never diddled by a priest. I think this whole thing is made up by people looking for attention and money.

INTERNET: It’s not the Vatican’s fault. The local churches have to patrol themselves. I blame the congregations and the parents for not doing their job.

INTERNET: I’ve read the Bible, and there’s nothing in there that requires pedophilia, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

INTERNET: So what if a priest does have sex with kids? At least the kids are getting attention. Get over it.

INTERNET: Pedophiles can’t help it; they’re born that way. You are engaged in pedophile-shaming and I hope you get hit by a truck driven by a pedophile.

INTERNET: Not all pedophiles are fucking little boys.

INTERNET: It’s not always rape. Don’t confuse rape and having sex with children.

INTERNET: You’re a bigot. In other cultures and eras this is all normal. You’re very narrow minded. I no longer like you.

INTERNET: The Church is looking into this pedophilia stuff. Give it time. It’s complicated. We wouldn’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

INTERNET: What about nuns hitting kids? That’s way worse, and way more common.

INTERNET: I’m a priest and do more than fuck children; I also do woodwork. Don’t pigeonhole all priests. You suck.

INTERNET: What about the nun-raping? Are you saying that’s OK?

INTERNET: Why are you opposed to gays? Are you homophobic? You are heterosexual scum.

INTERNET: Why are you opposed to sex?

INTERNET: This an American problem.

INTERNET: This also happens in Ireland, Canada, France, Australia, England, Mexico.... so why focus on Philadelphia?

INTERNET: I blame the Victorians.

INTERNET: Why are you obsessed with pedophiles? Are you a pedophile?

INTERNET: It’s not really sex the way we do it in our club which has standards set out by the priests. It’s OK the way we do it.

INTERNET: Pedophilia has a long history and the following great people in history were pedophiles. Do you even know history?

INTERNET: It’s only pedophilia when the child is under 12. From 12-18 it’s “youth courting.”

INTERNET: You don’t know anything about youth courting. How many teenagers have you fucked?

INTERNET: You don’t understand; these older men are helping gay youth explore their sexuality. That’s a good thing.

INTERNET: People are born pedophiles, and God doesn’t make junk. We need to accept pedophilia as part of the great wobble of what people can be. No shame and no blame. You are very backward in your thinking.

INTERNET: Why listen to some cisgender blogger who is hating on Catholics?

INTERNET: Love is love, and haters gonna hate.

INTERNET: These priests are old. What else do you expect them to do?

INTERNET: Most pedophiles aren’t Catholics or priests. Your argument is nonsense.

INTERNET: If a 7-year old can pay taxes, and 12-year old can shoot a shotgun, and 14-year old can work, and a 15-year old can drive, then they can all consent to have sex.

INTERNET: You need a little pedophilia to maintain the priesthood. How else are we going to get priests?

INTERNET: It’s not just the Catholics; the Muslims are worse. And the Evangelicals.

INTERNET: Catholic priests are no more likely to be pedophiles than anyone else. Stop Catholic bashing.

INTERNET: How come you’re not focusing on all the good work done by priests who aren’t pedophiles? Let’s lift them up.

INTERNET: How come a 70-year old man can marry a 35-year old woman and that’s OK, but it’s not OK for that same man to have sex with her when he’s 47 and she’s 12? This stuff seems completely arbitrary.

INTERNET: I’m from Pakistan where child brides are part of our heritage. Your concerns are a paternalistic kind of imperialism. Child marriage has been going on for a thousand years in my country, and it hasn’t hurt us.

INTERNET: Jeffrey Epstein was a massive pedophile and he was Jewish. So your argument fails.

INTERNET:  What does this have to do with dogs?

TUCKER CARLSON: Tucker Carlson concedes child rape is "unpopular" in passionate defense of child rape.

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