Thursday, June 07, 2018

David Crosby and Alison Krauss at Wolf Trap

I went to see David Crosby and Alison Krauss
at Wolf Trap.

David Crosby is 76 and I was not expecting him to be in good voice, but he was marvelous, with a terrific band behind him, really good vocals, and a terrific set. His performance alone was worth the price of the tickets. The band included James Raymond on keyboard and vocals, Jeff Pevar on guitar and backing vocals, Mai Agan Leisz on bass, Steve DiStanislao on drums, and Michelle Willis on keyboards and backing vocals.

Alison Krauss was wonderful, as expected, with Ron Block on acoustic guitar and Jerry Bales on bass, Sidney Cox on Dobro and backing vocals, Suzanne Cox  on lead and backing vocals, Jay Bellerose on percussion, James Mitchell on electric guitar, and Matt Rollings on piano.

All in all, a wonderful night with the wife!

These pictures, for the record, were taken at night, from the lawn (a very looong distance) without flash, and with a hand-held point-and-shoot camera.  Not terrific photos, but glad to have some.

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LRM said...

Wow, I really wanted to go to that, but had other commitments. Love them both so much. Lucky you. I’m glad Crosby’s voice seems to be holding’s often one of the first things to fail with age, especially among those that seem to have the best use for it.