Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The AKC Makes the French Bulldog Worse

It seems the US French Bulldog breed standard has been revised.

Surely to improve the breed?

Nope.  This is the AKC; the #1 promoter of defective, diseased, and deformed dogs,

The new French Bulldog standard now defines a roached back as something to strive for, a "hallmark of the breed," while giving the green light to cosmetic surgeries to alter the appearance of a dog.

So what IS a disqualification? Why, a healthy and proper bite!

We are seeing increasing number of incorrect mouths. An undershot jaw is one of the breed’s critical traits. We hope you will not reward a French Bulldog with an even or scissors bite.

The head shape is described as "square" and the body description has been changed to require a "pear shape," which is to say narrow hips that will increase the incidence of cesareans in this breed. 

To be clear, the vast majority of French Bulldogs can already neither breed, conceive, or whelp naturally. Now things are going to get even worse.

This is active dysgenics; the promotion of the weak and diseased at the expense of well-adapted, strong, and healthy.

This is the opposite of what the AKC needs to be doing, and is proof this organization has well and truly lost it way. It is now affirmatively creating and promoting defective products and is, in my opinion, setting itself up for a class action lawsuit.

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Garnet said...

The bit on colour is really perplexing. These poor dogs often have trouble breathing, especially after even light exercise, and they typically can't give birth normally. So many of the English and French Bulldogs I meet wheeze constantly like breathing take serious effort for them. But God forbid they aren't coloured properly!