Monday, March 12, 2018

They Haven't a Clue

This is a performance event at Crufts, the top Kennel Club show in the UK.

This is where the world is supposed to see the “best of the best” of what the British can do with dogs.

This year Crufts was celebrating the 40th anniversary of agility at the show.

Right.  Some performance!

To be clear, this is the same Kennel Club that wants to take away dog training tools like e-collars.

In that quest, they are joined in those effort by clueless pet people who cannot teach their own dogs to sit, and who depend on “campaigns” for direct mail income and to sell magazine subscriptions.

After watching this shambles at Crufts, Channel 4 commentator Peter Purvis, said
"He hasn't a clue what he's doing, does he?"
Nope. Not at all.

And that includes quite a lot of people selling dependency model dog training, magazine subscriptions, direct mail outrage, and diseased dogs. 

The good news is that there actually are competent dog trainers in the world. Not all of them use e-collars, but no competent dog trainer demonizes any tool that is provably working for millions, whether that is a flat collar, a slip collar, a prong collar, food treats, a clicker, an e-collar, a head harness, or a flexi-lead.


Jennifer said...

Great video! Thanks.

Sheryl Day said...

Thanks for posting this video. Best demo I've seen.