Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fear-based Aggression in Small Dogs

Fear-based aggression in small dogs is pretty common and this is how you deal with it -- by facing it head on, not letting the dog push you away, and normalizing gentle touch with rewards for calm behavior. This is RJ Hebner at Zenergy Dog Training saving a life. Nice job!


Betsy Brewer said...

I have one of these small, fearful dogs. She is getting calmer and less fearful because she is never punished for acting on her fear. It just takes time and patience.
[She was never fearful until I left her with the vet for spaying. I have no idea what happened/was done to her.]

Lisa said...

My two year old rat terrier snaps at almost everyone who tries to pet him, other than me or my husband. He'll occasionally allow another dog owner (on the street) to scratch his head, but ONLY when the person does it in the most casual, off-hand, unannounced way.

Women who squeal, stare, and yammer at him are particularly problematic. Not easy living with such a dog in densely-populated Manhattan. (Me: "He's shy, often snappy when strangers try to pet him, better not." Squealing woman:"All dogs love me!" Sigh.)