Wednesday, February 14, 2018

At Westiminster: A Joke Elevated to Punch Line

This is what the AKC put up as a WORKING dog at Westminster?

Working at WHAT? This dog has never so much as seen a chicken. It can barely cross a lawn.

This is a rare breed because it doesn’t work. Dogs that work are never rare.

Modern Sussex Spaniels descend from only 7 dogs and have over 40 percent rates of hip dysplasia.

Expensive, useless, congenitally broken, and inbred.

Good job breeders!

And good job AKC, showing your continued contempt for work while insulting your financial base.

How many Labrador or Golden Retrievers have ever won Westminster?


And what percent of AKC dogs do those two breeds alone represent? About 25 percent, last I looked.

And the AKC wonders why it is augering into the ground with a registration collapse from 1.5 million a year to 400,000?  No wonder here!

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