Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rocket Nets Turned the Tide For Wild Turkey

Wild turkeys were almost extirpated from the state due to indiscriminate killing and habitat loss, and despite efforts to breed and release birds in Maryland from 1930-1971, the trend was negative. what changed things? Simple: the invention of the rocket net which allowed biologists to live trap entire flocks of wild turkeys in other states and within the state for relocation.

Wild turkeys were established in Frederick County in 1970 and now can be found on much of the land I hunt.

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Karen Carroll said...

When I used to fly my hawks at Ft. Detrick in the 80's. It was a haven for pheasants and cottontails. My hawks caught both there. Turkeys were being established there. Also they allowed servicemen to bow hunt deer as well. The servicemen had to prove their accuracy with a bow before being granted permission. After the 1st Gulf War, the permissions were rescinded. Those were the days of limitless hawking and pheasant flights.