Saturday, July 29, 2017

An Enlightening Little Purchase

These were recommended somewhere, and I ordered two of them from Amazon for a total cost of $8.99 with free Prime shipping.

Wow! These small LED flashlights take a single AA battery and throw an AMAZING amount of light (300 lumens, whatever that is). They also have a solid metal clip to mount on hat, bike, pack, or pocket, a solid metal body, and 3 light settings (bright / dim / strobe). There is also a "zoom"feature which allows you to adjustable focus range to concentrate the beam or widen it to light up a big area.

Just so you know, I accept no free product ever, will endorse no product for money, buy stuff with my own cash, and never give an endorsement unless I think it's worth it.  And yes, I am cheaper than anyone you will ever meet.  If I like it and say so, that's a hard endorsement to win.  I've only tried this flashlight out last night while working on a pump problem, but I am sold.


Karen Carroll said...

I have a similar flashlight. Works very well and is very bright. Only problem with mine is the switch is un-reliable. Switching from solid to strobe mode without touching the button. But I can deal with that.

Karen Carroll said...

And the most important thing in purchasing any electronics, is to make sure they take a standard size battery, in my case either AA or AAA. I will not deal with special order non-standard batteries in my flashlights or lazer pointers.

Jennifer said...

LEDs are amazing. Even the freebies from Harbor Freight surpass any torch I ever owned pre LED.