Monday, March 06, 2017

Great New Bike Light

Tern bicycles is selling the Tern Vizy Light, which looked like a great idea, but at a ridiculous price -- $40.

Never one to waste money, I went to Amazon and had the same light, delivered free, overnight, for $16.00 It's a powerful attention-grabbing light, and it's rechargeable.


Daniel Gauss said...

I got rear and front from Amazon for 8 bucks. (not rechargeable, though)

PBurns said...

That's a good deal. I already had a front light, and what piqued my interest with the magilla I ordered is that along with the almost-alarmingly POWERFUL lights on the back, there is a downward light that makes its own bike path so cars know to stay the hell away from you. If I'm every in traffic, at night, onthe foldie, that seems like it would be a good thing to have. And, of course, it's a quick-fix rubber mount, so it can go on my old-school Trek bike (more likely to be on that at night).