Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wee Dogs on Big Timber at the Monocacy Aqueduct

Due to scheduling with family, I tried to switch hunting from Sunday to Saturday which was a bad idea as it is deer season.  Cars and trucks were jungled up along the farm roads and it looked like the invasion of Normandy, but with more camouflage and neon orange.

Discretion being the better part of valor, I decided to check out a lock on the C&O Canal that I had never visited.

This is the Monocacy Aqueduct where the C&O Canal is lifted over the Monocacy River just before it empties into the Potomac River -- water over water. The aqueduct itself is 438-feet long and a massive stone work that proved impossible to blow up during the Civil War.

There was a swan on the river, but no one out on the path other than the very occasional runner.  Most of the trees along here are second growth, but there were some notably large white oaks and sycamores.  Not sure what the fallen trunk at the top of this post is, but one of those, and based on the fact that it was hollow, I would bet a Sycamore.

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