Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Not My Bees

I was asked about the bee hives I posted a picture of earlier. No, they're not mine.

There's an old farm house, fields, and large garden nearby, protected by the fact that they were part of the old "ring fort" system around Washington D.C. during the civil war.  

Several of these ring forts are within a mile or two of my house, and the one with the bees is a real jewel, very underused except as a bucolic location for weddings. It's just one stop light to Georgetown.

Deer are all over, there's a perfect field for dog training, and a well-graded farm road for leisure walking.  The bee hives are part of  the whole setup.

It's a very good gig.  I pay my taxes and the County mows, paints, grades, and patrols for free. Welcome to Virginia, where we count our blessings.

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jeffrey thurston said...

Beautiful! You live in the best part of "Back East"! And beautiful little dog creatures too! That black and white little butt with only the legs and wiggling tail look familiar to me- the universal JRT position. I love your whole set up...