Saturday, May 07, 2016

The New D.C. Wharf Project Is Massive

I took this picture last night on the way to see Arena Stage's production of Disgraced.

The number of construction cranes at this massive site on the southwest waterfront is pretty amazing -- there are at least four times as many cranes as in this shot. They tore out the old Hogates and every other bit of ugly low-construction down there that was not part of the ancient DC Fish Market, dug a MASSIVE hole with a coffer dam to hold back the river, and are putting in a massive building complex that should be a spectacular addition to D.C., with shops, promenade, sail boat marina, retail stores, office space, parks, etc.

I think this is the biggest single construction project I have ever seen in D.C., stretching over 24 acres of land and more than 50 acres of water.

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