Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Amazing Bird Art of Karl Martens

I had never heard of Karl Martens until a few days ago, but I have since stumbled on to his delightfully exquisite work.

Martens creates beautiful paintings of birds using Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes paired with watercolors and charcoal pencil.

These pictures are painted fast, and there is no going back to fix them.

This is art as flow, with intense mastery of not only hand, eye, stroke, color, and technique, but also the biology and form of the birds as well. The pictures are all painted from memory. Unbelievably wonderful stuff.


Viatecio said...

Oh holy wow. Those are beautiful! I would love to have that wren hanging in my living room. Thanks for finding that video.

Peter Apps said...

Exquisite !

But nobody can be that good without being in league with the devil.

Lucas Machias said...

I agree. Great stuff!

jayna andersen said...

absolutely inspiring!!