Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shep the Dog: Man's Best Friend

The sculptor of this statue
is Prairie Mary's former husband, Bob Scriver. Check out her blog and also some pictures of Robert Scriver's other work.

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Mary Strachan Scriver said...

Bob Scriver made this portrait of Shep after I was gone, but I've visited it. Fort Benton is an excellent place to visit because of its history. Its location is where steamboats couldn't go any farther up the river. From here it was wagons or portage to smaller boats, which is what Lewis and Clark did. Bob's monument of L and C plus Sacajawea and her baby is along the river. Bob's set of dozens of portraits of Blackfeet is housed in a reconstruction of the original Fort Benton. For a while Fort Benton was the agency for the Blackfeet Reservation and the capitol of the state. But then the governor disappeared off the deck of a steamboat tied there and was never found.

The town houses a whole cluster of historical museums and a good bookstore.

Prairie Mary
AKA Mary Scriver
Valier, MT