Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The God on the Mountain

I often say that my religion is not "under new management" like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.

These "organized" religions took over the old observable pagan truths of season, rock, water, death, and rebirth.

Christmas and Easter were tacked on to ancient pagan holidays which, themselves, were tacked on to that which can be observed in field and forest, hedge and desert, ocean and stream, sky and dirt.

I work hard to reconcile the real world, as I see it, with the hopes of those who believe in these organized religions, even as I reject the hate, business plans, and pettiness that so much religion is steeped in.

I believe the good will last and the bad will fade, even if it first leaves a wound and then a scar.

My religion does not require a bald-headed deity, or a women-oppressing patriarchy, or a claim of superiority of one group over another.

It does not require man at all. All it requires is hydrogen bonding and carbon, and a great deal of time.

Is that God? 

If it is, it is not any God you can find in any religious book. 

And yet, look in the hedge. 

There it is.


Joe Mama said...

Let me know if you ever want to take a whack at becoming a Catholic.

I expect we will be here.

From what I have seen our pre-death compensation is competitive and our post-death benefits are exceptional.

jeffrey thurston said...

We can't help ourselves- it's in our brains- in fact 95% or so of our brethren's brains need religion to operate. Our evolutionary background has made it so we can't help but give agency to everything- the rustling in the bush could be a big bear- or a spirit... I also think that the very smart other 5% of our brethren couldn't have helped but notice that if they shook some bones and chanted some mumbo-jumbo they could stay in the village with the women while the other men risked life and limb hunting mastodon...