Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Groundhog Day at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge

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jeffrey thurston said...

It's funny these clowns are described as "right wing" or "patriotic"! They're the OPPOSITE of that- more like grifter HIPPIES who want free stuff from the government. They just want to get over- on all of us. My favorite "right-winger"- Joe Stalin- would've dealt with them quickly and IMO fairly- just as he did those Kulaks who were burning their crops and killing their livestock in Ukraine. These "cowboys" are a burden on everyone- they want free land to grow useless destructive beef which we can buy elsewhere- America definitely does not need welfare ranchers- it's a bullshit industry. Somewhere along the line in our bizarre country "conservative" and "right-wing" and "patriotic" have come to mean "anti-government" when in reality these words really mean "nationalistic" and "careful" and "obedient". Patriotic shouldn't mean idiotic.