Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

Renato Bialetti, No Filter
Renato Bialetti, who brought the Moka coffee maker to the world, has died at the age of 93, and his ashes have been entombed in a large Moka coffee maker.

Roadkill Science
At Virginia Tech, they're learning from the dead things found next to the white lines on the road. 

The Breaking Point of Trees
It turns out there is a critical wind speed, of around 90 mph, at which almost all tree trunks break – regardless of their size or species.

Let's Kill a Hell of a Lot of Koalas
An Australian scientist wants to kill all koalas infected with Chlamydia.  He may not be crazy, but I suggest we test him anyway.

Rise of the Robots
A lot of jobs are disappearing under the rise of robots. Add another one; drones may someday replace search and rescue dogs.

Plant Bio Mimicry
There is a vine in Chile whose leaves change to mimic the shape of the host plant it is climbing.

A GMO Mosquito Win?
1,000 children a day die of malaria; in a year, that number could be almost 0 with CRISPR.

Squirrel is the Right Meat to Eat in the UK
Non-native, predatory, invasive, a lean meat that is free-range, and has zero food miles.

Solar Taking Over the World
This is why, and it will only get better and better.

Will Satellites Help Us Find Lost Pirate Gold?
Baltimore, 1939

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Rick said...

Concerning squirrel meat, author Joe R. Lansdale said in an interview aired yesterday on Fresh Air (imagine a thick East Texas accent), "People say that squirrel tastes like chicken. No, it tastes like squirrel."