Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs

The American Chemical Society's
explains why chocolate is bad for dogs.  It gets down to theobromine.  But here's a hint:  chocolate can make a dog puke, but no normal amount will kill a dog.  If your dog simply gets into a candy bar DO NOT run to the vet.  All you have to do is make the dog puke, which you can do by shooting a few shots of hydrogen peroxide down its gullet with a big syringe or a turkey baster.


jeffrey thurston said...

I had a little JRT bitch Sassy "the Pig" who ate a whole box of See's chocolates one holiday. She ran around as if on methamphetamine for about four hours- jumping on furniture- chasing phantoms- racing arouns- but no ill effects otherwise...

Jacob L'Etoile said...

Funny Story

I had at the time two dogs, a 9# mini dach and a 70# lab. A bar of nice dark chocolate goes missing, and looking up the dosage toxicity I see that the small dog could have eaten a dangerous amount, but the big dog would be fine if he had eaten it. So I try to get some peroxide into the dachshund. Well, the lab comes over wanting some of that so I give him some and he slurps it down then promptly vomits, AND COMES BACK FOR MORE. yes, if the little dog was getting some, it must be good, all experience be damned. Labs.