Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Rise Together; We Die Alone

We die alone, but we rise together
and thrive in strong communities that make for an integrated society with opportunity for all.

We can be better.  We do not have to accept the status quo.


jeffrey thurston said...

Funny- My 85 year old conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran mother- a lifelong Republican- has said she'll vote for Sanders over Trump!

Richard Gilbert said...

Patrick, I wish you could see in such expressions, which here you brilliantly label, the impulse and the link between people from which religion arises. We don't yet understand this force in humans for morality and justice—past ages called it God, some still do—or the related mass connection, which Jung called the collective unconscious.

The reason this spot is so moving is that it is reminding us of the deeper "in God we trust" ideals of America that transcend the fear, ego, grasping, and greed of fools like Trump. It is reminding us we are better that that, and that ideal is embedded in the very existence of America. Humans contain something mysterious and evolving, and America with its always-threatened ideals is its flawed but highest expression so far.