Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Size of the Heart, Not the Size of the Dog

Ludvig the Chihuahua practices Schutzhund.

You may laugh when he bites, but it's no laughing matter if he swallows.


seeker said...

As all Jack Russell owners know, little dogs can bite the bejabbers out of you. A friend of mine was extolling her Mastiff's protectiveness. I pointed out it only took one shot to end her large defensive dog's life. Trying to shoot several smaller dogs while they are bouncing around, barking, bouncing and biting the crap out of you is a bit harder. Some people may laugh at 'Little Ludvig' but he is certainly someone who could do damage to an unsuspecting attacker.

Debi and the Jack/Rat Pack

jeffrey thurston said...

Two little JRTs can also harry a larger dog 'til it's a quivering mass- I know- my dogs have done it to pitbull types, Labs, and especially one German Shorthair whose owner told me my dogs were evil. I've also heard rumors (urban legends?) of JRTs trained to attack the crotch... not a good scenario considering the size of their teeth...