Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ralph Nader: A Force of Nature

Solitude in Nature from CSRL on Vimeo.

And from a BBC News Magazine essay called "The Slow Death of Purposeless Walking":
The way people in the West have started to look down on walking is detectable in the language. "When people say something is pedestrian they mean flat, limited in scope," says Solnit.

Boil down the books on walking and you're left with some key tips:

  • Walk further and with no fixed route
  • Stop texting and mapping
  • Don't soundtrack your walks
  • Go alone
  • Find walkable places
  • Walk mindfully 
Then you may get the rewards. "Being out on your own, being free and anonymous, you discover the people around you," says Solnit.

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Peter Apps said...

For some reason Rohrer omits Charles Darwin from his list of notable walkers. Darwin is reputed to have become so lost in his thoughts that he would set up a pile of pebbles next to the path to keep track of how many laps he had done.