Friday, January 29, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

Death Wish Coffee
Death wish coffee bills itself as "the strongest coffee in the world," with 650 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup. No, not all coffee is created equal.  For example, a cup of Starbucks coffee has twice as much caffeine as a cup of McDonald's coffee. Death Wish coffee, however, has more than twice as much caffeine per cup as Starbucks, and more than 5 times what's in a cup of McDonald's coffee. Death Wish Coffee is also organic, bird-friendly and kosher. Drink up!

10 Movies Inspired by Real-Life Dogs
Just what the title says.

The Savage Model 42
This is
.22 rifle over a .410 shotgun, which can be carried anywhere in the field, breaks down small, and can take abuse. 

Why is Governor Snyder Not in Jail?The administration of Governor Rick Snyder shipped bottled water to state employees in Flint, Michigan while telling the residents everything was OK. Scienter much?

Size Matters
Just sayin'.

How Donald Trump Talks is Key to His Success
Trump uses one- and two-syllable words, with power words at the end, lots of repetition, and tons of insults to make it all seem tough and interesting. He also uses commands and audience-implicating words to form an obedience circle around the audience. (video)

Is the Future Almost Here?
"A rechargeable Lithium/Air battery can potentially store ten times the energy of a Lithium/Ion battery of the same weight, making practical widespread use of fully electric cars."  And yes, they just figured out how to do it. This could change everything.

The Real Reason Trump is Winning Evangelicals
They're just not that ‘religious’.

You Mean There's a Special Name For That Thing?
What do you call the hooked jaw of a spawning salmon?

The Last Land Rover Defender
After 68 years of production, this iconic 4-wheel drive no longer rolls new out of the factory.


JoeMama said...

"Why is Governor Snyder Not in Jail?"

Due process also applies to Republicans. There will be plenty of poop to spread around and will likely take 15 years to sort itself out.

Lucas Machias said...

You Mean There's a Special Name For That Thing?

Common knowledge among flyfishermen