Friday, December 18, 2015

You are SO Freaking Wrong, You Should be DEAD

This blog is now in the feed.  And here's why:

So you’re a brand spankin’ new dog trainer just looking to join the fold and find some like-minded individuals to spout all your shiny ideas too, huh? Well, pause a moment and let me prepare you for the shitstorm that is the community of trainers you’re about to join.

We are all a bunch of Type A bitches and we know you’re wrong. You got that? You are fucking wrong. It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is actually right, tell it to someone who gives a shit because that, my darling, is not us.


Do you, though? This profession has zero official regulations, which means it’s super fucking easy to hang a shingle and accept clients. Your grandma, your neighbor, your cousin Billy with the limp and no high school education, all those fuckers can decide one day they wanna train dogs and go right out and do it. You may think you know things, but so do they.
I would copy past the whole thing, but I have ripped off enough. Go read this masterpiece. And above all...


Ka D said...

When I was 12 years old we got a dog and I trained it to sit so that makes me a dog trainer, amiright?

jeffrey thurston said...

So Millennial- all thunder with no rain. "Fuck" lost its shock effect like decades ago- I'm surprised you like this writing!

PBurns said...

Helps to read to the end.