Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hey Robert Redford, the Climate Change Driver is Right Between Your Legs. Talk About That!

I just got an email from Robert Redford about climate change.

Robert Redford is a very good and nice man, but he's part of the problem when it come to global warming. 

He had FOUR kids.

That's an INCREDIBLE number of children and those kids (and 7 grandkids) means that his fecundity is higher than that of most of the developed and developing world.

And guess who else has the same
number of kids?

Al Gore.  Just see what I said about that!  

Talking about global warming and not talking about the need for more support for international family planning, is to miss the plot.  

Mother Nature is not committing suicide; we are killing her.

We are not doing it because we are evil, but because there are too damn many of us.


Olde New England said...

ALL of the celebrity global warming "activists" are hypocrites. Examples include Woody Harrelson flying in his vegan belts from the US to Cannes, Striesand keeping her lawns green through the water shortage and all her houses air conditioned when she's gone, DiCaprio with six properties also all air conditioned and lawns watered while he's gone, Julia Roberts with multiple properties and private jets - the list is endless. They are so much like the European royalty of the middle ages. Kings and queens lived like - well, like kings and queens - while the starving commoners froze to death in the dark.

HotFlashHomestead said...

Amen and amen. I've been saying that for years and nothing will change until we either get a handle on it or Mother Nature takes care of things a different way, such as with a really nasty pandemic -- something that takes out about 2/3rds of us. Then suddenly a lot of planet-wide environmental problems just go away. Scary in the short term but might be a blessing in the long term.