Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The First Story About a GMO Crop

Yes, it made spaghetti more productive and uniform
, but it also made us fatter and left so many of us with cancer due to the fact that so much spaghetti production involves Dihydrogen Monoxide!

Damn you Monsanto!


jeff hays said...

WTF Patrick, are you serious? I hope you don't go down that rat hole.

PBurns said...

Did you watch the video? It's a BBC April Fools day bit made in the 1950s. Surely the parody was obvious, at least for an American Audience 50 years later?

jeff hays said...

Yes,but with so much out there, and the airplanes gassing us all the time, you never know what rathratholeseople build for themselves, LOL.
Naturally the airplane reference is in jest!

jeff hays said...

You know this is water,right?