Friday, October 23, 2015

Rat Hunting With Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe joined Richard Reynolds to hunt New York City rats,
 all of which which was filmed for Somebody's Gotta Do It, which will be shown on CNN, Sunday, Oct 25th at 10 pm. 

Mike Rowe, of course, has a terrier.  Freddy is seen below.


jeffrey thurston said...

Rat hunting's not the most glamorous of JRT work but it's all I can do around here- rats and squirrels. My guys are experts now at flushing out rats and 1 of 20 times they kill one. They dive into 3 foot deep ivy like into a hole- the rats run and if they (the dogs) are lucky one ends up in somebody's mouth. One of them gets squirrels in the ivy too- I'll be walking and suddenly a pathetic squeek and Baxter's got one in his mouth. Their noses are the infallible indicator of a rodent's presence- they seem to know what's going on by nose better than sight. I know- preachin' to the choir...

Ngan Ha said...

Good job! haha If it's allowed here in Manila, I will hunt down all the rat around my place