Saturday, July 04, 2015

Moxie Has a Big Day

This is Moxie yesterday at the first hole of the day, and really her first time underground.

She had a raccoon bottled up inside. The trunk is hollow, so the raccoon was able to climb out of reach.

The sette is entered at the top, and is very old and been in continuous use for at least 50 years, with groundhogs trimming back small roots that got larger as the tree has grown.

The roof and side of this sette is made of massive roots which have fused together to create a solid root wall.

Though this tree is enormous it may be only 50 years old, as sycamores can get very big relatively quickly if they have a lot of water at hand.

This is Misto at the top of this sette. You can see another hole at left, but I am not sure if it connects up or not.

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Wynne said...

This is a time you're really glad your dogs will bolt instead of grab hold and hang on!

Neat location, well-worked.