Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Working Lurcher Pups - Iowa and Nebraska Border

A fellow in western Iowa, near the Nebraska border, has a litter of 6-week old lurcher pups that should do the trick if you are in the market for a rabbit running dog. This fellow's name is Russ W., and if you are interested in learning more, shoot me an email and I will provide a telephone contact as he's not much for the Internet. I like working dogs in working homes, and lurchers have phenomenally large litters.

The pictures, above, is of the dam chasing rabbits in Texas. The picture, below, is of the dam and a black dog (the "grandmother" of the litter) also running rabbits.  I know nothing of these dogs other than they come from the hands of a man who runs hawks and dogs, but if you know a little about that world, you already know that short statement carries some freight.  "A hawker with dogs" is a pretty strong resume in my book.

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