Monday, May 11, 2015

Hillary's Going to Take Your Guns.

Hillary! It's Hillary that's going to take your guns. Bunker, bunker, bunker!!


jeffrey thurston said...

Oh He tried! And She will too...!

jeff hays said...

Count on Billary to go for it, if the political wind ever blows their way again on the gun issue. Precisely why Obama has been gumming the issue without swallowing it, he knows he would lose much political capitol and now as a lame duck you will hear about Zero on the subject.
This issue has been outed as a waste of effort with minimal results to speak of, public safety wise. No smart politician will take up the issue as their flagship issue, it's suicide politically.
Can we talk about why folks are jailed for having AN OUNCE OF POT?
Why Police get away with the abuse they heap on the poor folks that come in contact with them? Why the NSA feels they need to record every electronic flatulence? All these things are more important than the gun debate, sorry, just my opinion.