Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Big Bag of D*cks

Ducks.  It could be ducks.

But no, probably not.

This is, after all, a mostly-dog blog, and dogs luuuuv "pizzle" sticks.  Or "bully" sticks.

Whatever you want to call them, the proper term is penis, and when you slaughter 30 million cows a year, as we do in this country, and another 100 million pigs, that means there's a lot of pizzles looking for a home.

Waste is never a good thing, and so we have been turning farm waste of one kind or another into food -- for human and animal alike -- since the beginning of time.

Of course not every pizzle becomes a dog treat.  A few end up as walking sticks.


Peter Apps said...

You can slaughter as many cows as you like, you are not going to get enough of those d*cks to keep even one jack russel happy.

Sorry ! Couldn't resist.

jeff hays said...

Go just a little south of the Bully Stick and you get into prime, choice foodie fodder, just ask Anthony Bourdain or the strange food guy on Cable.
Perhaps they are missing something?