Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Lady Educator for Men

E-Collar Technologies is a cutting edge company that has developed excellent dog training collars. I've said very nice things about them in the past

Now E-Collar Technologies is taking things to the next level with the "Lady Educator," an electronic training collar "designed specifically for women and loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective trainer available."

Harrison Chen, author of How to Train Your Girlfriend Like a Dog," notes that the launch of this new product has created some confusion.

"E-Collar Technologies didn't just just paint their standard transmitter and collar pink as a marketing gimmick," says Chen. "They would never trivialize or marginalize women like that." 

"The 'Lady Educator' is based on the idea that women are tough, clever and -- let's face it -- stubborn. They have mood swings and often engage in compulsive self-rewarding behaviors. All of this can be very disruptive, both at work and at home."

"With that in mind, the folks at E-Collar Technologies looked to invent a humane and effective training system that could be used to 'tap' a wife or girlfriend on the shoulder to remind her it was time to turn off the TV and make the family dinner."

But why pink?

"That's been misunderstood," says Chen. "It wasn't to sell this collar to women, but to men. The color is actually called "Penis Pink" by the dye maker. The collar is designed to show women that the man with the transmitter has the right tool to lead."

But can women buy a pink Lady Educator if they want to?  Can they lead?

"Oh sure" says Chen. "But I'm not sure why any lady would buy a pink transmitter or collar, even it it was just to train a pet dog."

"Women have a hard enough time being taking seriously without festooning themselves with pink."

"It's like a man wearing camouflage to the mall," said Chen. "When you see that, you think, 'there's a low-information voter.'  I'm not sure that's the message women want to send. Seriously. Most women are smarter than that."


mugwump said...

You dog!ZZZZZT!

Pishkeen said...

Love it :D

5string said...

Do camo dressed men even go to malls? Possibly, with the penis pink educator attached to their scrotum and the transmitter in wifey's palm.

No, just Walmart, Lowe's and Northern Tool for me.


PBurns said...

I am happy to report that the folks who make the Educator collar have decided to drop the "The Lady Educator" marketing gambit, having heard from a few folks, perhaps as result of this blog. It's a good piece of equipment, and no problem with pink -- just the name. Applause to the company for advancing in another direction. It's a good collar.