Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Baby? Get the Crib Dribbler!

It's never too soon to put your kid in a Skinner Box.

The great thing about today is that with a click of your mouse you can access all the tools you need to run a high-volume baby farm.

One of my favorite tools is the Crib Dribbler which comes in 2 sizes, the “Weekender," and the “Over-Nighter“. Perfect for Kindex Infant Energy Drink, Water, Juice, Stew, Cocoa, Formula, or Milk!

Here's a pro tip: If you put wire mesh in the bottom of the crib, the poop and pee goes right through to your worm farm.


Gaddy Bergmann said...

LOL! Biggest guinea pig I ever saw. Have fun watching your baby get cavities.

Rick said...

Permaculture at its finest!