Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fox Hunters Ready for War?

Sydney Australia's The World's News reported, 100 years ago this week, that Britain would have been ill-prepared for the Great War were it not for fox hunters.

'Our great popular national sport of fox-hunting saved our country when the war began,' Mr. Chaplin told a meeting of the English Farmers' Club.

'We can only come to that conclusion when we realise what was accomplished in the course of a few weeks. Once the war was declared the War Office secured 170,000 good horses suited to its requirements, which in the absence of hunting would have been an impossibility.'

Since wars are no longer fought with horses, perhaps the way forward is to have fox hunters switch to motorcycles with machine guns, or perhaps even remote controlled drones. Call it crazy, but there would be probably be fewer injuries and even more participation!

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