Sunday, April 19, 2015

Digging on the Dogs

Misto checks out something alive in a pipe.
Moxie's turn next.
Raccoon snared out and released unharmed.
Nate T. and Peppper

Yesterday was a big day for Moxie
, who met her first raccoon in a very shallow pipe (as did Misto).  It was also Moxie's birthday and she came into heat.

All in all a great day in the field with Nate T. and his dogs Pepper and Rags who did most of the substantive work pressing the raccoon to a stop end. Lots of holes for the dogs to explore, but the ground was as soft as butter, and the groundhogs were able to dig away in the absence of a really small experienced worker. She's coming! The raccoon, of course, could not dig away. Along with ducks, several great blue herons, and a painted turtle, we also busted a really large red fox (almost certainly a dog) running down the bank, and Nate got his picture taken with Jeter, the farmer's very friendly Bull.

A few more sessions in the field, and both Moxie and Misto should be making quantum leaps. I have held them back a month or two, largely because Moxie is so small that I want to make sure her brain and attitude are locked in place, and a few months can make a world of difference in that regard.


jeffrey thurston said...

Beautiful dogs! I am always amazed at how my guys know when there is something alive in a hole- they show absolutely no interest unless there is. My little piebald looks a lot like your big-headed short-legged male- I really like that less delicate hardy type. The female would seem to be your dream dog- little! And she looks like she could win a conformation show too- she's quite perfect. I also really like Pepper- just in three JRTs on one little outing there is quite a variety of types and sizes. I envy you now that it's spring Back East- my guys have to dig on rat holes or potential rattlesnake nests up in the hills. Occasionally vole type creatures in the cemetery where we walk- they could spend all day digging and wrecking the poor creatures tunnel system...

Anonymous said...

happy bday to moxie :)