Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is there an App for Monitoring Your Dog?

The next generation is going to live a transparent life very different from what we live now. From Sarah Butler at The Guardian:
“We are coming to the era of the connected customer, the latest in a series of shifts created by technology,” [Dixons Carphone CEO Seb James] told the Retail Week Live conference in London. “This shift is going to bump off as many retailers as the last. It will be a total asteroid strike at the heart of retail.”

The new technology, from health monitoring smartwatches to washing machines that can tell engineers when they need repairing – will mean retailers need to offer services to help consumers with the new products and keep them operating correctly....

“Your connected home will know when you’re in, what mood you’re in, your temperature preferences and family members. They’ll know the state of health of your dog, how far you jogged this morning and what brand of toothpaste you like and how much you have left.

“It’s a little bit creepy but we’re all going to have to get used to it as information which used to be so hard to get is now going to be so easy to find new skills and tools [to deal with it].”
The article notes that "Today the average home has about 12 connected devices, mostly phones, laptops and TVs, but this could rise to as many as 70 within two or three years."

Don't believe it? Check out the side racks at your Apple Store where they now sell web-enabled door locks, drones, thermostats, and remote cameras. This stuff is here now, and it's going mainstream fast.

And remember, that anything that is connected can probably be hacked, which means not only will people in China know how to get into your house, they'll know what you spend your money on, and how much exercise you do everyday.

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M said...

To answer the title of your post Yes, there is an app for that. There is a device called Whistle made by a company called Tagg which is used to track your dog's activities and monitor your dog on your smart phone.