Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Best Dog Toy?
That's the claim for this one. Comment from the commentaria?

Nothing But Net and Mycroft Holme

When Kareem Abdul Jabbar writes a book about Mycroft Holmes, you KNOW it will be epic. Kareem is actually brilliant and a TRUE fan. Pre-order now!

Net Time, Remember Who Lied Last Time
Everything the Republicans said about Obama has been a lie. Economy roaring back, deficits down, auto production up, less war, more peace, more people with healthcare than ever, housing prices back to where they were, Osama bin Laden still dead, and everyone still has their guns and their dogs.

Will the Supremes Kill the GOP?
The Supreme Court could cost the GOP 3 million southern white voters and change the face of politics forever.

Shirts More Expensive Than Mink
Two hundred years ago, it took 479 hours worth of labor to make a shirt (spinning, weaving, sewing), or $3,472.75 at $7.25/hour.

Here Comes the Sun
The solar industry is creating jobs 20 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy.

Good News Out of India
India's endangered tiger population is up 58% since 2006.

Breast Feeding Banned at Breast Feeding Summit
One more thing I could not possibly make up.

Fifteen E-Things I Am Grateful For
None of these things existed when I was 35 years old.
1. Google.
2. Email
3. Amazon and Amazon prime.
4. Apple phone and camera
5. Ebay
6. PayPal
7. Instant messaging
8. Archive dot org
9. Youtube
10. Pandora and the other music sites
11. Voice to text technology
12. Netflix
13. GPS and turn by turn technology
14. JPG photo files
15. Hypertext markup language

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